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Unstoppable [Album] (2018)

Unstoppable: (Collections of Latin ChaCha Rhythm)

Another album to add on you Dancesport Music ChaCha playlist!

Album Released on 06/03/2018 - Featuring Camilla Cabelo "Havana" in chacha beat & rhythm. Listen to the percussive chacha dance styles for your practice and competitive dancing experience.


01 CHACHA - Havana (31bpm)
02 CHACHA - Katchi (31bpm)
03 CHACHA - Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps (31bpm)
04 CHACHA - Nitty Gritty (31BPM)
05 CHACHA - Should I Stay Or Should i Go (31bpm) ft. São Vicente
06 CHACHA - Cantinero De Cuba (31bpm) ft. La Sonora Bonita
07 CHACHA - Feels (31bpm)
08 CHACHA - Cheerleader (31bpm)

Here's how it sounds in competitions

🎵 Track #1: Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps
🎵 Track #2: Cantinero de Cuba


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