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Besame Por Favor [Album] (2019)

It's a great start of 2019! To start the kick-off, presenting #BesamePorFavor (Kiss Me Please)! "SoundClick Exclusives!"

A collection of Latin Chacha Classical music with modern rhythm & beat approach for your practice, social events and competitive dancing experience. All tracks converted in 31BPM

Here's how it sounds like in competition

šŸŽµ Track#1 - BESAME MAMA (ChaCha)

Huge thanks to DJ Radoslaw for choosing and using the track/s in this prestigious event. Wide much appreciations to Kirill Belorukov & Polina Teleshova for our album cover.

If you're from Poland or nearby Poland and looking for DJ who has massive-literally tons of Dancesport Music, consider choosing DJ Radoslaw! You may reach him here: CONTACT DJ Radoslaw

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