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Hearing the fresh, percussive and rhythmical dancesport music artist, producer & remixer #Watazu!
Watazu is a Balloom/Dancersport enthusiast and choreographer. After retiring from competition, Watazu expressed interest in the creation of music for ballroom/dancesport.

I like all types of rhythm, tempo that give the dance a different taste and feel. There's always a way to feel music to make it interesting in your ears. People just have to learn to find it in the music. After that, it can become magical.

Today, Watazu™ would love to have your ears open, heart close and feel the rhythm!
Watazu aims to customize your cravings for dancesport music.

Know More about Watazu

Hi Watazu, thank for giving your time for this short interview.. Well first and foremost we would like to know you more and of course for all the people who wants to know who is behind the famous Dancesport Watazu.

Q #1:

At what year you start remixing or producing dancesport music?

“Well, first, I'm a latin dancer so listen to any dancesport music available. I started listening to remixed dancesport music way back 2012 from various artist from Europe and also few locally. I got so inspired how they create them. I also start asking would there be any rules, restrictions, required or mandated rhythms so on and so fort. So I started creating one after retiring from competition. I had a friend whom I asked to listen to what I did and asked feedback after. It’s funny because one day, I just told myself, “My song will be heard! It turns from one listener then group and now I don't know how many of them which I am totally grateful...”

Q #2:

Who are your inspirations and where do you get inspiration for your songs?

“My inspirations? I can say my inspiration would be our "friends" who listened to our music. Who appreciate and continuously giving feedback which encourage me a-lot to continue. I do remix or produce songs, all the time, whenever inspiration strikes! And I will continue to keep more!”

Yeap and i see that you're getting a lot of likes on your facebook page from day to day.

"Yes and i am very thankful for them who continuously listening and keep sharing it. You see, I don't really treat them as a fan, i treat them my friends or our friends. A true friend is someone who says and knows what is right and wrong which encourage you to be who you really are not what you are. And these are them - bringing the best in you”

Q #3:

How do you usually create your music?

“Now a days, technology is really a big help. I use studio software which can be purchased online. Installed on your computer. These are softwares like you're really in a studio doing a recording”

Q #4:

How long does it takes to finish one remix or composition?

“I say it will be base on the idea. For remix, I finish them for an hour or two and sometimes the whole day.. and it is also depends on what type of rhythms to add and style. For original compositions, sometimes I have this type of attitude that after publication I'm still not contented with the release because I want to add more, add like this and some of that. So I finalize every song before publications may it takes months or months”

Q #5: So finalizing for perfections. That's good. Since we're are now talking about rhythms,

what type of dancesport rhythm you prefer?

"Since dancesport music now a days has been changing rapidly and became more accessible, let's say I like to preserve the rhythms that were created by our fore-fathers of dancesport music and that's with a modern touch. Dancesport music before are percussive and that's what I would like to retain or keep. Percussion are really in to me and I prefer every song to be rhythmical as possible. It's not because they need to be in every song or compositions but I want them to listen to what I feel and felt after producing them. From compositions to remakes I wanted to make sure that percussion strikes to that song and will make your song different and unique.”

Q #6:

Do you play any instruments?

“Yes, Piano (keyboard) and guitar.”

Q #7: That's good!

Do you also sing?

“Yeap! I love my bathroom voice hahaha”

Q #8:

What type of song?

“Rock, mellows, Love songs it depends on the mood”

Q #9:

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to have a career producing and remixing dancesport music in general?

“Anyone can produce and remix songs. It's just that if it's really your passion of doing it. Don’t ever let anyone else get in your way! There was one point in where I almost quit remixing and producing dancesport music, because I was too worried about what others thought of me, thought of my song or compositions but then I realized that this is what REALLY important to me and what I really Love. It’s my life, and nothing anybody says or does can stop me now from achieving my goals!”

Q #10:

What is one thing you cannot live without?

“MY desktop! I can listen to music, check my YouTube comments, hit up the FaceBook, and message my friends all at the same time!”

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