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We started creating/producing dancesport music after retiring from competition. After 12 years of competing locally, I've been searching for dancesport music that suits my style. I prefer percussive tracks with slight-to-heavy drums and instrumentals which you can distinguish in every track I create or remix. This does not mean changing the format of the song. I say innovations and evolution of latin/ballroom music in modern walks of life without omitting the foundation of latin/ballroom music.

I believed, in every dancer it's not how graceful they are when you dance in a certain song but how they interpret every dance to the rhythm of the music.

HERE, you can listen and download few of our tracks for your practice, competition or even show-dance.
Review and download our latest Album! Yes, it's for free. You can listen to them here! Download your favorite track? How about the whole album? Sure you can! and share your thoughts

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